The Club operates on the basis of an all-inclusive annual subscription, which is renewable on the anniversary of your joining the Club.

As well as membership of the Club, you will need to be a member of England Fencing, which is an associate body of British Fencing the National Governing Body. Membership of England Fencing provides you with basic insurance, “The Sword” magazine and (optionally) meets the requirements for entry to competitions organised by British Fencing.

Bramhall Sword Club members must arrange membership of British Fencing themselves.

The use of Club equipment and lessons from our coaches are free.

The current rates of subscriptions are:



British Fencing1

Musketeer (under 14)


£18.50 / £33

Junior (14 -18)


£18.50 / £42.50

Junior (18 -19)


£29 / £42.50

Senior (20+)


£29 / £57.50

Concessionary rates for students and senior citizens are available.

As the Club operates for around fifty weeks a year, we believe these rates represent very good value for money.

1. British Fencing prices have two levels of insurance and are shown as Recreation/Compete. If you only want to fence at the club then "Recreation" is sufficient. However if you would like to be able to enter competitions organised by British Fencing then you will need the "Compete" type of membership. There is currently a 10% discount on these prices for setting up a recurring payment. See British Fencing for more details.